• Shielding Patients with Dr. Deborah Hill

  • Posted on July 15, 2021
  • Of course, Dr. Deborah Hill is a licensed and board certified chiropractor who operates in California, but in addition to being a highly accomplished doctor of chiropractic who can point to thousands of patients who have been treated for many conditions over several decades, she is also an entrepreneur. Whereas many chiropractors treat patients for many types of ailments and medical conditions, Dr. Deborah Hill does that, but her practice features a focus on personal betterment as a part of her patients’ efforts to live a better life.

    The entrepreneurial side of her career comes with Dr. Deborah Hill’s creation of the Shielders Company. The company currently operates in both Los Angeles and Las Vegas, although Dr. Hill hopes to bring her cutting edge Shield Method nationwide within a short time. At the heart of her company is The Shield Method, which is a program designed to helps people access their “super willpower” to fight back against the mind’s attempts to force them to do things they know are not good for them, like eating, drinking, or smoking too much.

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